Male Infertility

a) Low sperm count
b) Absent sperms
c) Inability to ejaculate
d) Inability to give semen sample

Surgeries –
a) Microscopic Varicocele surgery
b) Microscopic reversal of vasectomy
c) Microscopic vaso-epididymal anastomosis to overcome a block d) Testicular biopsies by minimally traumatic methods

Erectile Dysfunction

Conditions –
a) Premarital Check up of the male
b) Premarital Counseling of both partners
c) Treatment for Unconsummated Marriage
d) Male Sexual Difficulties
e) Treatment of all types of ED (impotence)
f) Documentation for male potency

a) Corrective surgery for various types of penile deformities
b) Penile prosthesis or implant of appropriate type
c) Injection treatment for those not responding to oral drugs (e.g.Viagra)

Andrological problems of the Paraplegics.